Half Day of Mindfulness Saturday 25th October from 10am -2pm @ ST. MARKS CHURCH

Dear Friends

Just a reminder and a little more information about the upcoming half day of mindfulness with Janelle Combelic. This will be based on the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings which underpin practice in this tradition. Janelle writes:

In the early 1960s in war-torn Vietnam, Thich Nhat Hanh founded an order of lay and monastic men and women to practice Engaged Buddhism. The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, which are the foundation of the Order of Interbeing, are guidelines for personal practice and mindful action in the world. They are beautiful and deep, worthy of a lifetime of study. We will gather for a half-day of mindfulness to sit and breathe, read and discuss these together as a Sangha.

Janelle received the transmission of the 14 MTs from Thay in 2006. She was editor of the Mindfulness Bell from 2005 to 2009 and currently practices with the Northern Lights Sangha in Findhorn.

If you are planning to attend and have not already contacted Gill an e-mail would be appreciated: gill.mathews@hotmail.com

Thank you so much.

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Wild Goslings!

A monthly meeting for sangha members with children (and those without who like children!). Held on the last Sunday of each month at the Botanics. Please meet at 11am by the pond viewing window in the John Hope Gateway building and bring some lunch to share. We will walk in the garden, share a picnic lunch and there will be a story and craft/activity based around Dharma teachings. While the children play freely parents will have the opportunity to share experiences of practising in and as a family.

If you are planning to come please let Sally know in advance on 07815 464 495 or at sally@swonderful.co.uk


Photo: Kevin Fleming ~ Wild Delaware

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Mindful Peace Walk in Princes Street Gardens ~ Sunday 3rd August 2014

This silent walking meditation will be led by members of the Edinburgh Sangha of the Community of Interbeing, who follow the practice of Zen Buddhism Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Before the walk begins there will be a brief introduction to mindful walking as meditation practice. Children are welcome when accompanied by adults.

  • meeting at Henderson’s at St John’s (map) ~ the café under the church
  • 9:30am – 10:45am
  • St John’s Church, Princes Street
  • Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ


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Three August 2014 Thursday meetings are at the Mews

Because St Marks is being used as a Edinburgh Fringe Festival venue we are holding our Thursday evening August meetings (7th, 14th and 21st) at The Mews – Centre for Healing and Spiritual Health close to the botanics off Inverlieth Row.

Instructions for finding The Mews are on The Mews Find Us page or on our venues page for The Mews. Buses 23, 27 and 8 run close by.

The meeting time remains the same at 7:15pm for a prompt 7:30 start. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Some Plum Village Snaps

I’m just back from a week of family retreat at New Hamlet, Plum Village. I didn’t take many photos (I was on retreat after all) but I thought I’d share a few of the ones I did take.

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Wonderful Wiston 2014

Orla wrote a poem that she didn’t quite get around to reading on the retreat but wanted to share.

Wonderful Wiston

A warm welcome
Beds lovingly made
Gathas mindfully placed
Smiling faces

Still morning sun
Heart-stopping bells
Mouthfuls cherished
Cosmic drum sounds

Sitting like a sunflower
Walking as a river
A powerful energy
Breathing as one

Blue tits playing
Woodpecker snores
Majestic trees
A solstice rainbow fire

Hearts opening
Caring glances
Friendships made & renewed
Dana lovingly given

Compassion & wisdom
“Aha!” moments
A middle way?
Heartfelt gratitude

Surrendering to the flow
Letting go
Going deeper
Faith in the path

Home now
Lively children
Mindful bedtime
A practice renewed

Orla Beaton
June 2014

And also that charity in Mozambique you were wondering about is IMAGINE Mozambique.

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Wiston 2014: Dharmic Abba

For those who appreciate classic (rather than classical) music Pete has kindly provided the improved words to the Abba classic “Knowing Me Knowing You”.

Letting Be; Letting Go
(to the tune of “knowing me; knowing you” by Abba)

Letting be;  letting go
That’s the way to let life flow…
Letting be; letting go.
Why on earth do we strive and run?
Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?
Can’t you see that that just ruins the fun
Just be here right now.
Letting be; letting go then your love light will glow.

And here is Pete’s mindful version of “Simple Gifts” (An old shaker classic, often used at Thanksgiving time in America, and featured in Appalachian Spring and even during President Obama’s inauguration.  The tune was used (without attribution so far as we know) for Lord of the Dance, but let’s not dwell on that).

‘Tis a gift to live simply
’tis a gift to be free
’tis a gift to just allow ourselves to “be”
And, as the Here and Now comes to feel just right
We’re Home in the valley of love and delight

When true simplicity is gained
To be what we are we will not be ashamed
To grow, grow will be our delight
And while flowing, growing we’ll glow with light.

Here is a version with the original words if you can’t remember the tune.



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