Festival Break 2015

We will NOT be meeting at St Marks on three Thursdays in August – the 13th, 20th and 27th. This is because St Marks is being used as a festival venue.

Good news is that we will be meeting on Tuesdays in these weeks at Marchmont St Giles so it may be an opportunity for you to try something different if you haven’t been before. See our regular meeting page for details.

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About our Mindfulness Morning August 2015

Thanks to Pete for beautifully facilitating the latest Mindfulness Morning at the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh on a theme of mindful music – and on his continuation day (that’s his birthday).

Pete mentioned a bunch of resources to chase up if you are interested. Click here to download a PDF of the notes for the morning..

One thing he mentions is this fascinating documentary of the mindful attention that goes into the making of string instruments for a peace quartet.

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About Our Mindfulness Morning Saturday 4th July 2015

On arrival it was a very wet and overcast morning. Keith and I (Bryan) began setting up the large hall at St Giles of Marchmont. We were soaked by the rain and began putting out mats and cushions. I remarked casually to Keith “we will be lucky to have 10 folk due to the weather conditions”. Folk started to straggle in through the door looking thoroughly wet, certainly glad to be out of the rain and very happy for a cup of tea. When we sat down to begin our practise 21 folk had made the conscious choice to come to our gathering of the Wild Geese mindfulness morning despite the weather.

The theme for the day was “Habit energy and its scorpion nature”. This was partly inspired from a dharma talk given by Sister Dang Nghiem found in an old edition of the Mindfulness bell magazine. After a brief telling of the ” Story of the frog and the scorpion”. Keith led us on a guided meditation and walking meditation, followed by sit. We then broke for a cup of tea in silence. I could not help but notice that many of the now vacated mats had large damp patches due to the encounter with the rain.

A short dharma talk was given, which offered various angles to look into the subject of habit energy. How this energy enters our daily lives, its possible origins and its addictive and scorpion like nature. Also how it plays a major role in our suffering and for others. After a brief description on the practice of deep listening and sharing within our tradition. We broke into two groups for dharma sharing.

Our final practice was lunch held partly in silence. Folk brought the usual array of good food to share. We sat in a circle on our mats connecting with our food and the circle as a whole. On the invitation of the bell we broke silence and chatted, getting to know our neighbours. Finally we said our goodbye’s inviting everyone to meet again on the 1st of August at the Salisbury Centre from 9.30am to 1.30am.

To summarise the morning. It was wonderful to see the young people from Wake up who attended. They brought a balance, plus wisdom and harmony to the day. The new faces and familiar ones blended with the young, sharing there experience and I feel it was a beneficial atmosphere all round. Mindfulness mornings if nothing else is an act of peace. Hopefully we will see you again at the Salisbury Centre.

Bryan and Keith

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Morning of Mindfulness at the Salisbury Centre on Saturday 1 August 2015

PV_2015-07-05-2There will be a morning of mindfulness at the Salisbury Centre on 1 August from 9:30 to 13:00 facilitated by Pete.

Here are directions to where it is: http://www.salisburycentre.org/site/findus/index.php

Some cushions and mats will be provided but if you have your own you may like to bring them. Tea will be provided but please bring a little vegetarian food to share for lunch.

The theme will be “Mindfulness of Music”.

Music, as a sense impression, is the second of the four nutriments described by Thay. We will apply the five contemplations, normally used for food, to music in order to increase our appreciation of it and our awareness of it’s interbeing nature.  There will be guided mediation, walking meditation, readings, listening to music (including Thay’s new translation of the Heart Sutra) and some sharing.  All welcome.

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Audio: From 25th June 2015

Pete is the facilitator:




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Latest on Thay’s Health

This is a lovely read about how Thay is improving and teaching by example.


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Audio: Buddha – a life of and for peace

This is the short talk I gave to an Inter-Faith meeting at the Theosophical Society in Edinburgh on Thursday 25th June 2015 which is posted here for your info – as it clashed with our Sangha night. I was asked to introduce the life or the Buddha and say how it was “for peace” in fifteen to twenty minutes. Not sure how well it hit the theme of the evening.  Ah well – everything is a learning experience.

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